False ambition and the abuse of power

Are we conscious of the choices we are making? What impels us to do things we know may harm others? How can we learn to use whatever power we might have responsibly?

The dark, brooding story of Macbeth is largely a play about false ambition and the abuse of power in all its forms.

A talented but flawed warrior and his obsessively ambitious wife use their position and ability to seize the crown of Scotland. Yet it brings them little joy, as they are slowly devoured by their need to control all around them.

The workshop proposes that power is about a lot more than formal position. It includes questions such as:

  • How can I be myself and value the community I am a part of?
  • How can I spot impulses in myself that can be destructive?
  • What makes us bully and how can we cope with being bullied?
  • What do I desire and what do I really need?

The games and exercises used throughout are designed to explore some of these themes and to promote personal empowerment through a growing sense of wisdom, courage and care for others.

Ideally recommended for Years 5 & 6 (10-12 year olds).

  • "An incredible and inspirational talk on the importance of being a leader"

    Student Testimonial KGV School, Hong Kong
  • "Thank you so much for this once in a lifetime opportunity and I really hope he can come back again and maybe everybody will have the opportunity to listen to his life-changing talk."

    Student Testimonial KGV School, Hong Kong