Welcome to Contender Charlie

We use the power of storytelling and mythology to enhance and inspire the creative learning of young people as well as their teachers and school leaders.


Please call 07359 791613 or email info@contendercharlie.com for more details.

  • "This is my 5th experience of Mythodrama and every time it just gets better and better"

    Caroline Bromley Headteacher, Lamberhurst St Mary's School
  • "I have seen this twice - Henry V and Macbeth - I cannot recommend this highly enough. It has really made me think about what positive leadership is"

    Samantha Cosgrove Executive Headteacher, St Michael's CofE Primary School
  • "Absolutely superb and exactly what I needed to hear at a time when the pressure of leadership is great"

    Darran Callaghan Headteacher Holywell School
  • "A really insightful, relevant afternoon's training"

    Chris Chorley Deputy Headteacher, Westfield Primary School

We also specialise in bringing the plays of Shakespeare to life within a school environment; be it with issues relevant to staffroom or classroom.

There is no acting on our courses, simply inspiration and interaction for top level communication and leadership skills at every level of school life.

We have used these stories for courses that are receiving outstanding feedback at conferences and insets all over the world.

Courses for teachers.

Our courses for staff are used at a number of different levels.

They can be run either for Headteacher and Deputies Conferences or suitably adapted to be relevant to every classroom teacher and support teacher for Inset days.

Courses for students.

Our work with young people is at the heart of what we do.

We look at themes of leadership through many different lenses including use of Shakespeare’s plays with younger students.

Online Coaching Courses

Coaching Online

We offer a range of individual and staff online coaching programmes to support leadership and communication skills.

Student Leadership Retreat

This is a central programme for us, which has worked with huge success amongst schools who wish to send their students on an inspirational leadership programme over several days in a retreat setting. Selected staff members are also invited to join in a supervisory role and learn more about our methodology.

Student Leadership Retreat