We offer two main forms of longer term online coaching

Individual coaching is for school leaders or staff members who are looking to develop further leadership and inspirational communication skills.

Also for those looking to reflect on a current challenge or dilemma and what choices will best serve them.

Our online staff events are versions of our courses made available to those who are unable to bring us to their school, perhaps because of financial restrictions or because the school is outside Europe and cannot realistically organise the event any other way.

The programmes can also be bespoke – in consultation with the school – depending on the school’s requirements.

Great Communication

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  • "A really insightful, relevant afternoon's training"

    Chris Chorley Deputy Headteacher, Westfield Primary School
  • "This is my 5th experience of Mythodrama and every time it just gets better and better"

    Caroline Bromley Headteacher, Lamberhurst St Mary's School
  • "Absolutely superb and exactly what I needed to hear at a time when the pressure of leadership is great"

    Darran Callaghan Headteacher Holywell School
  • "I have seen this twice - Henry V and Macbeth - I cannot recommend this highly enough. It has really made me think about what positive leadership is"

    Samantha Cosgrove Executive Headteacher, St Michael's CofE Primary School