Quotes from Previous Participants


We have just had the feedback from all 40 attendees and their average "grade" for the day was "outstanding", the highest one. I would entirely echo that, and add that it met every expectation I had.

Peter Cross OBE - Chief Executive, Skill Force

Top quality training around first rate dramatic presentation

Neil Sherman - Headteacher, London Borough of Hillingdon Conference

So absorbing, at all levels - funny and emotional

Patricia Ruff - Headteacher, CfBT SIS Conference

This workshop was unique in that it provided stimulation in the form of tales, personal experiences and interactive activities that were fun and related to "real life" yet always striving towards the point. Absolutely fascinating.

Laura Wheatley - Teaching Assistant, St. Nicholas Priory Middle School

Terrific for reflection on what is important. This is a literate, energised, and involving experience to help gain an important insight into the essence of leadership. Hugely enjoyable.

Paul Mulot - Headteacher, Eastern Leadership Centre Conference

Such quality - met me at the cerebral and emotional level - unforgettable and very inspiring.

Carol Fletcher, School Links Manager, London Borough of Richmond


We don`t ask students to fill in feedback forms in the same way, unless specifically requested to do so by the school. However, here is some recent written feedback we've been sent from primary and secondary schools. You can also see more student feedback on the relevant video clips.

I can`t think of a more fun and interesting way to study Macbeth…I`ll never forget how good the lesson was on Friday and I told all my mates about it.

I thought the session was brilliant. I learnt much more about the play by acting it out instead of reading it.

The way you told the story was really fun and we were all involved. I felt like I was really there.

I thought you taught us really well because you saw Shakespeare in the way that younger people see it.

It was the greatest English lesson I've ever been in, even if it did last two hours.

Hey there your play was amazing and the rap was immense.

The play was really good because it was really wicked. The MC part was brilliant.

I really enjoyed the way you went from being yourself showing Romeo and Juliet to being a gangster rapping.

Everyone concentrated the whole time, which is usually very rare! This shows everyone enjoyed it!

It was very good because they put a modern day twist on the play to make it more enjoyable.

I learnt what Romeo and Juliet was about and I learnt to keep my cool.

I really enjoyed the games we played, especially the leadership game because we had to put our trust in someone.

With regards to the stuff you done with us…..it was outstanding.