Macbeth - Blood will have Blood tour Feedback 2013


2013 Feedback

‘I have never seen staff and pupils so enthusiastic and appreciative. A brilliant experience... Shakespeare will never be the same again!’
Charles Thorpe, Headteacher, Keresley Grange Primary School, Coventry

‘Open mouthed. Even the most fidgety – hard to reach pupils were immersed in the moment. You took them with you 100% and left them wanting more. Year 6 were on a high – asking questions and talking about the production all the way back to school.’

‘I took a group of year 6 children to the performance… 30 children who share 11 different languages. The performance was magnificent. As the drama unfolded they sat spellbound and transfixed, becoming emotionally involved in the action. We had not previously attempted any Shakespeare with the class, and to this day, all of the children can tell me the storyline of Macbeth.’

‘Terrifying. Brilliant. They loved the blood and guts. They now love the story of Macbeth and know it far better than a lot of adults! Amazing.’
Teacher - Frederick Bird Primary School, Coventry

‘I thought the performance was excellent, exciting, interactive and made the story of Macbeth come to life perfectly. It was perfectly pitched for our Year 6 class, which includes a majority of EAL children.’
Teacher - Holbrook Primary School, Coventry

‘The experience had a huge impact on motivation – particularly with boys. They have certainly developed a greater vocabulary in terms of feelings and character traits. The speaking and listening opportunities have been fantastic.’

‘The children loved it. Lower ability children were engrossed and less confident children were participating in the workshops. I noticed that some children who are quite easily distracted were focused and watched the action very carefully.’

‘Definitely a positive impact, especially with the boys and reluctant learners. Motivation to write increased. Quality of all aspects of the curriculum was enhanced. Each class went on to read other Shakespeare stories after this.’
Teacher – Frederick Bird Primary School, Coventry

‘It has really improved literacy skills and the children’s confidence in drama. I have a lot of mini Macbeths in my class now! They have the confidence to use a much wider range of vocabulary.’
Teacher - St Anne’s Primary School, Bishop Auckland

‘The children thought the play was amazing! It really helped them understand the story. A child in my class said it made them feel like they were really there!’
Teacher - St Anne’s Primary School, Bishop Auckland

‘Their opinion on Shakespeare has changed. It was a brilliant introduction to Shakespeare and very relevant to children today.’

2014 Feedback

‘It was without doubt one of the highlights of our year and easily the most impressive theatrical performance we have been to of any description. I cannot praise the production, acting and adaptation highly enough.’
Associate Deputy Head, Crab Lane Primary School, Manchester

From the second you walk in the play enthralls, excites and scares you with a mixture of gore and wit.  The sinister guide takes you through a performance that will make you jump with fright and smile with black humour.’  - Jess

‘Overall the play was amazing and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to see a 500 year old piece of brilliance!’ – Charley
‘Personally I would give this play 10/10 for amazing acting, shocking moments and amazing projections.’ – Luke
Year 8 students, East Bergholt High School, Suffolk

‘Both staff and children found it thrilling, enjoyable and they made the play accessible for all abilities. The children were absolutely buzzing about the performance. Most wanted to see it again.’
Headteacher, Piper's Vale Community Primary School, Ipswich

‘This was one of the best trips I have ever taken the children on. I am so pleased that their first experience of Shakespeare was so vivid and powerful. Next time they encounter Shakespeare's plays they are sure to recall this engaging performance.’
Teacher, Higher Failsworth Primary School, Oldham

‘The staging was excellent and created a fantastic first experience for our children who have a very limited experience of theatre. The immediacy of being so close to the action meant that all children were absorbed in the story.’
Julie Howse, Green End Primary School, Manchester

‘I was glued to the spot with fear, surprise, sadness and anger! Macbeth was one of the most realistic plays I’ve ever seen!’

‘Thank you for your amazing performance … it was absolutely fabulous with some scary bits, some funny bits and lots and lots of blood. I also really enjoyed you answering our questions.’

‘The whole of the play made me feel very emotional and scared, but it was the greatest play I have ever seen. Thank you very much for all your effort into it and I hope to see another Shakepeare play.’
Year 6 pupils, Manor Park Primary, Coventry

‘In terms of inspiration, we have since created our own versions of Macbeth (the highest quality writing of the year for most children) and there are a set of 10 Shakespeare adaptations in circulation in the Y6 classroom at present, as home readers. The children can't get enough of it!’
Associate Deputy Head, Crab Lane Primary School, Manchester