HAMLET - Who`s there?

(The quest for identity, meaning and purpose)

It is a healthy tendency of young people to question the world around them with fresh eyes. Just because generations before them have decided upon a certain course of action, doesn`t mean our young people have to agree. Nowhere is this more famously explored than in Shakespeare`s play of Hamlet.

After the murder of his father, Hamlet is confronted with some of life`s most painful and, at times, complex questions.

At his best, he challenges much of what we take for granted; much like the great moral philosophers. At his most destructive, he damages all who attempt to help him and who genuinely care for his wellbeing. His own anger blinds him to the best intentions of friends. He swings wildly between brilliant insight and paralyzing self pity. This is a dilemma not unknown to many in adolescence. - Read More

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