The long term success of a school can depend on its ability to respond to change and adapt to new initiatives. This relies on staff being able to think differently, be flexible and try new things. In other words, it requires the confidence to be creative.

The word creativity conjures many different images and feelings for people. Some are excited by it and sense the prospect of challenging and limitless possibilities. Others may see it as something difficult, risky or a bit “airy-fairy”.  It is not that unusual to even hear the comment “I`m just not a very creative person”.

This often betrays a fundamental misunderstanding of what creativity entails. The process also involves practice, skill and the practical ability to skilfully guide good ideas to deliverable outcomes.

This course is based on the premise that everyone is capable of being creative, that everyone can use their creativity usefully at work and that everyone can be confident that their creativity is relevant and valued. Read More